Social Care

Residential Support Worker

Full Time Permanent

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Ashberry Recruitment are looking for a Residential Support Worker for their client based in Huddersfield.

Main Purpose:

The Residential Support Worker is responsible for assisting in the promotion of good social care practice, in accordance with the Home’s policy and procedure.

The Residential Support Worker will provide care for young people in residence, participating in the assessment of their needs and the implementation of plans for their future.

The Residential Support Worker will assist in the administration and management of the Home.

The ethos of the Home will be child/young person centred and based upon a commitment to achieve working partnerships with them and their families and to work in close collaboration with colleagues and members of other settings and agencies where necessary.

The style of service will aim to support parents in the exercise of their parental responsibilities, encourage children and young persons to develop a mature understanding of their situation and to learn to exercise personal responsibility and choice in their lives. On occasions the Home will be required to provide a safe environment for young people who are in need of protection or who exhibit challenging behaviours.

Responsibilities, Duties and Tasks:

* Assisting in the development of new techniques and approaches to child care provisions

* Encouraging development of individual interests and attitudes

* Promoting, safeguarding and protecting the welfare of each young person

* Establishing and maintain positive and trusting relationships with the young people that will promote their sense of security

* Providing firm, consistent and fair boundaries in respect of their behaviour and employ appropriate and agreed consequences

* Ensuring that appropriate medical help is provided in cases of illness and accidents

* Promoting the development of a healthy lifestyle for Young People

* Assisting Young People in the development and sustaining of positive social networks with adults and other peer groups

* Organising and participating in group activities and group holidays Assisting in the provision/preparation of meals in the home

* Assisting and supporting Young People through the process of leaving care

* Encouraging Young People to develop their full educational and vocational attainment

* Providing for the personal needs of young people in co-operation with other team members.

* Forming relationships with Young People which will facilitate the care and assessment process and encourage them to participate fully in the opportunities offered by the Home.

* Participating in the formal assessment process, providing oral and written contributions to reports, plans and assessments where appropriate.

* Keeping abreast of developments in theory and practice of social care. Being familiar with the Home’s policies and procedures

* Attending and taking an active part in team meetings.

* Participating in in-house staff development and training programmes.

* Being fully aware of racial, cultural and religious issues and anti-oppressive practice.

* Actively promoting the role of the home in the lives of young people

General Duties:

* To undertake such other duties, training and/or hours of work as may be reasonably required and which are consistent with the general level of responsibility of this job.

* To undertake routine administrative tasks and provide written reports and maintain the Young Person’s file as required by the Home’s policies and procedures

* Compile reports, including Review, Progress and Incident reports Adhere to appropriate guidelines and procedures

* To receive complaints in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Home

* To undertake financial management and recording of day to day petty cash maintenance in accordance with the Home’s policies and procedures

* To carry out duties in accordance with the health & safety at work act, adopting safe working practices, in accordance with the Home’s policies and procedures

* All duties and responsibilities will be carried out in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Home

* To participate in alternating shift pattern.

* Participating fully in the working rota, including sleeping-in duties on a regular basis